Understanding how an Umbrella Policy can protect your assets


Would you be able to recover financially if someone successfully sued you beyond the limits of your home or auto insurance policy? Cascadia Agency has knowledgeable agents that can provide guidance on selecting the right personal umbrella insurance coverage to protect your assets.


At Cascadia Agency we believe reviewing your limits is extremely important. It is the foundation of your insurance policy that protects you and it protects the other party in accident. It is important to know that you protect the assets that you have built up, so that you don’t find yourself in debt for damage that you may cause to another party.  The best question to ask yourself is what you have to lose? If you have no money in the bank and you owe nothing, yyou have very little to lose. As you accumulate wealth and that wealth becomes at risk and that what insurance does, it protects what you have accumulated. We believe it is very important to review your limits on a regular basis.