Understanding Exclusions and Limits on your Homeowner's Policy


Knowing the limitations and exclusions on your Homeowner’s Insurance coverage is important. Did you know that most Homeowner’s policies provide limited coverage for theft of jewelry, firearms, and business property? Cascadia Agency has knowledgeable agents to provide guidance on items that are excluded or have limited coverage on your homeowner’s policy.

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At Cascadia Agency we know each person has specific individual needs. An important part for you to remember is that all policies have limits on certain items. It is true that most policies have a thousand or two thousand dollar limit on theft of jewelry from a house. Now, you can add additional coverage should you need it, but not everybody does. A perfect example is jewelry; let’s say you are out at a nice dinner, you come back home, look at your ring and the ring is still on your finger, but now the diamond from your engagement ring is missing. On a basic coverage policy, there is no coverage on this, but if you schedule the item onto your policy, that coverage includes the peril of mysterious disappearance and that will cover things like a diamond falling out of an engagement ring, or a bag of golf clubs taken and/or lost at a golf club. It is important to go over exclusions and limitations because each person had individual needs.