Understanding Earthquake Insurance


Earthquake insurance is important. Did you know that most property insurance policies do not cover earthquake losses? Cascadia Agency has knowledgeable earthquake specialists to provide guidance in selecting the right coverage.

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At Cascadia Agency we believe earthquake coverage is an important coverage that all homeowner’s should consider. If you don’t carry earthquake insurance, which is an optional coverage, you will certainly have a one hundred percent deductible. It is important for you to be able to at least decide whether the coverage is something that you may want and can afford. After an earthquake you may still have a mortgage payment, but you may not have a house to live in if you don’t have the money to rebuild. You don’t have to protect everything in an earthquake, we can break the coverage down so that you can insure only the structure, you can add contents coverage, or you can make sure you have a place to live during reconstruction. So, when you ready to talk about earthquake coverage, give us a call.