Understanding how auto deductibles can save you money


When is the last time you have reviewed the deductible on your auto Insurance? Increasing deductibles is a simple way to reduce your auto insurance. Cascadia Agency has knowledgeable agents to provide guidance on keeping your insurance affordable.

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At Cascadia Agency, we always work to keep your premium in control and increasing limits is very important. One way to offset the increasing the premium by increasing your liability coverage is to increase deductibles on physical damage. So that means is that we may be to take your deductible up a little bit higher on the collision coverage on your car. Increasing the deductible can reduce the premium, in many cases to offsetting the increase in the premium for the increased liability coverage. You can have the more important coverage while retaining a small amount  for yourself to be responsible for in the form of a deductible. At Cascadia Agency we believe it is important to have the right coverage, at the right price, at all times.