Understanding rental car coverage


If your car was totaled in an accident will you need an immediate replacement? Cascadia Agency has knowledgeable agents that can provide guidance on when it makes sense to add rental car coverage to your auto insurance policy.


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At Cascadia Agency we actually do not think everybody needs to have Rental Car Coverage, but we do think that everybody should think about Rental Car Coverage. If you have in an at-fault accident, Rental Car Coverage provides coverage for a rental car for you while your car is being repaired. If your car is in the shop for two or three weeks, may be a month renting a car may cost you $500, $750 dollars maybe even a thousand dollars. So make sure you think about Rental Car Coverage before the accident because you can call us up and say “Hey, I was just in an accident!” Guess what? You are out of luck. So if you got further questions, give us a call!