Household Inventory Record - Protect your Personal Property


Have you ever taken an hour or two to complete an inventory of all your personal property? Documenting your belongings with video or photographs is one of the best ways to protect yourself if you ever have a major homeowner's insurance loss. 

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At Cascadia Agency we believe in doing a home inventory because after a major lost the toughest thing is remembering what you have.  My great uncle's house burned up in five minutes and he said - you know I remember my couch, my TV, my clothing. It was easy to remember the major things and possessions that I have.  A personal inventory is important is to remember all those little things, such as a kitchen drawer that may have $300 or $400 dollar worth of stuff in it. The stuff that you’ve had for ten years, the stuff back way in the back of closet that will all be covered by insurance, but without a personal inventory you may never remember it. We have a great example on our website on how to create a home inventory take pictures or video of everything in your house. Open up your cabinets, your drawers and every little thing you can in your house so that you have complete inventory. And finally the last thing to do is to create two copies of the record; one for yourself and one to keep off the premises in case of an unfortunate event where you have a major loss.