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Commercial Liability Insurance

Your business is one of your key assets. Without the proper insurance you risk losing years of hard work to an unexpected event. Liability protection protects you from things your business could be legally held liable for, such as a defective product or an injury to a visitor at your premises. Just as important, commercial liability insurance usually includes the cost of defense in the event your business is sued. 

Property Insurance and Business Interuption Protection

A fire, pipe burst, or theft could significantly impact your bottom line. Property coverage and business interuption protection keep you on your feet if bad luck comes your way. 

Employee Benefits and Key Person Life Insurance

Voluntary employee benefits such as life, disability, and cancer insurance not only reduce your payroll taxes when enrolled under Section 125, but provide employees with great supplemental benefits. Your business may have one or two individuals whose loss could mean financial ruin for your company. Key Person Life Insurance protects your solvency in the loss or death of a key partner, stakeholder, or individual with critical skills.

Earthquake Insurance for Condominium Associations