Car Rental Insurance

Should I buy rental car insurance when renting a car?

There is no question car rental companies make a lot of money selling car rental insurance. In most situations buying insurance from the rental car company duplicates coverage you already have on your auto policy and credit card. Each situation is different, so it is important to check with your agent and credit card company before travelling but the basics are covered below.

In the United States and Canada the liability insurance protection from your personal auto insurance policy transfers to a rental car. You must have collision and comprehensive protection on your own auto insurance policy in order for any physical damage to a rental car to be covered. If you are in an accident or the vehicle is damaged a deductible will apply the same as it does on your own vehicle. If a rental car is damaged and out of the rental fleet while it is being repaired most rental car companies charge a “loss of use” fee to offset lost income while the vehicle is out of service and unable to be rented. Most insurance companies will not cover loss of use fees, however most credit card benefit plans do cover loss of use fees if the vehicle is reserved and paid for with a credit card.

Most auto policies are only valid in the United States and Canada, so you will need to do some additional homework if you are traveling internationally. If you have an personal umbrella policy it probably provides worldwide liability coverage. Most credit card benefits provide physical damage protection up to $50,000.  Credit card benefits are commonly excluded in a few foreign countries, such as Jamaica, Israel, and Ireland so you will need to check your benefits statement before traveling. You can definitely save some money by not buying duplicate coverage, but it each situation is different so it is important to check with your insurance agent and credit card carrier before your trip.

Definitions of insurance options sold by rental car companies.


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Washington State Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Why is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) an important coverage even if I have health insurance?


In Washington State the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on your auto policy pays for medical expenses related to an auto accident, regardless of fault, and pays out immediately. If you are injured by another driver, you must settle on the total amount of the loss with the other insurance company first before you will be reimbursed for medical claims.

It often takes a few years after an auto accident for all of the medical issues to be resolved. In the mean time, you are responsible for all medical bills that may accrue. PIP pays immediately, up to the coverage limit, for any auto accident-related medical bills. Although you have health insurance, the deductibles, lost wages and other fees can add up quickly in a serious claim, so it is wise to consider PIP coverage. 


Washington State Life Insurance

W%20Life.jpgHow can I ensure that my family is well protected?

Life insurance can be your family’s best safety net. A life insurance policy can help prevent a change in your family’s quality of life in the event of your death.

There are many reasons for Washington residents to buy life insurance: a new baby, paying expenses and keeping the house, or making sure your kids can go to college. Each family has a unique situation, so it is important to speak with an expert who can match your situation with the right solution. By making the choice to buy life insurance you can ensure that your loved ones have the future you are planning for ―no matter what happens.

Washington Life Coverage Options - Term, Permanent, or both?

There are two basic options for life insurance: term insurance, which provides protection for a time definite period, and permanent insurance for when protection needs are long-term. Term is a great option when you need protection until a time-definite event such as income replacement, children graduating college, or becoming eligible for benefits such as a pension or social security. Permanent insurance does not expire as long as premiums are paid and can be the right choice if you plan on keeping insurance for a long period. 

Washington Life Insurance - Online Quote

Tips on buying life insurance in Washington State

Creating a Household Insurance Inventory Record

What can I do to ensure my insurance company will fully reimburse me after a major insurance loss, such as a fire?


Trying to list all of your possessions after you’ve lost them to a fire or other covered insurance loss is difficult. The easier it is for a claims adjuster to see the possessions in your house at the time of loss, the sooner he or she can determine a value and indemnify you. Taking pictures of your entire household contents is the most efficient way to provide a record your belongings. Take pictures from several angles in each room and don’t forget to open closet and cabinet doors and photograph the contents within. 

Once you have the pictures, make sure you keep at least one copy of the images at a location away from your home such as with your insurance agent, a relative, or in your safe deposit box.  Review your homeowner's insurance policy annually with your insurance agent to see if you have acquired items such as jewelry, firearms or other high-value items that may be excluded or have limited coverage on your policy. Creating a personal inventory record may be an invaluable use of your time if you ever suffer a major loss.




Two minute video on protecting your assets with a home inventory.


More info on creating a Homeowner's Personal Inventory Record from the Insurance Information Institute.


Whidbey Home Insurance, Whidbey Homeowners Insurance

W%20Home.jpgGreat rates on Whidbey Home Insurance from a local agency!


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