Insurance Policy Review

An insurance policy review is a brief meeting to review your current insurance coverage, make sure the items on your policy are up-to-date and adequate, and make sure you are getting every discount that may be available to you. Policy reviews are usually completed with a 15 to 20 minute appointment at Cascadia Agency.

Below are the most common policy adjustments we make during a policy review appointment?

Homeowners Insurance

  • Increase deductibles to save money
  • Review dwelling coverage limits
  • Review personal property items that have limited coverage
  • All policies have limited coverage for jewelry and other specified items
  • Add optional coverage such as flood or earthquake
  • Highly recommend you create a Household Inventory Record

Auto Insurance

  • Increase deductibles to save money
  • Review Liability Limits
  • Explore all options to control cost
  • Add rental car coverage


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Are volcanic eruptions covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy?


Volcanic Eruptions and Homeowner's Insurance


Damage from a volcanic eruption is typically covered by home insurance, but  there are many exclusions and exceptions, so it is importat to check with your agent on the exact details of your policy.  In general damage caused by volcanic blast, shock wave, lava flow, and volcanic fallout are included.  Earthquake , landslide, mudflow, tidal wave, flooding or earth movement are typically excluded.   You can buy a separate policy for earthquake or flood insurance to fill in the gaps, or you may want to consider a differences in conditions policy.  Volcanoes typically cause many perils when they errupt, so we highly recommend that you talk to a professional agent if you are concerned with a particular scenario.


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Condo Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Many Washington residents are once again looking for Earthquake Insurance for Condos and Condominium Associations after Pemco and Mutual of Enumclaw exited the earthquake insurance market in 2008.  Cascadia Agency offers comprehensive Earthquake coverage for both individual Condo Units and Condominium associations.  As a condo owner you have two policies to think about, the association policy which protects the overall condo structure and a personal policy which protects improvements inside the condo and your personal property within the condo.  Earthquake insurance policies can be difficult to decipher for a condo because of the division between personal property and association property.  Your best bet is to talk to a qualified agent to get your questions answered.

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A Special Offer for PEPS Groups

W_Life_Baby.jpgSleepless nights, a house in disarray, and you are scheduled to host the PEPS group this week. Cascadia Agency will bring breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your entire PEPS group if the group is interested in a short half-hour informative seminar on how life insurance can provide peace of mind for your growing family’s future. This is a no obligation seminar for educational purposes. We will come to your PEPS meeting with a lovely meal, so you can spend time with your babies and won’t have to worry about hosting.

Participants will learn about different forms of life insurance, how much insurance is right for your family, and factors that influence life insurance rates.

Cascadia Agency is a full service insurance agency providing insurance solutions for Auto, Home, Life, and more. We pride ourselves being a premier provider of Seattle Life Insurance, providing professional consultation with local, personal service. We look forward to meeting you, your baby, and your PEPS group 425-353-1499 to schedule a seminar today.

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Insurance coverage for Washington State vacant homes

Why is insurance on vacant homes so expensive?

Insurance company actuarial data shows that losses on vacant homes are larger and more frequent than insurance losses on an occupied home.  Theft and vandalism are much more common when a home is empty.  A relatively small problem like broken pipe may only cost a few thousand dollars to fix if noticed within a day, but can quickly turn into major damage tens of thousands of dollars if unnoticed for more than a week. 

As this very basic Seattle Times post notes, you may need a special insurance policy for vacant homes.  Cascadia is now offering coverage on vacant home for properties in Washington State.  Insuring a vacant home may be more expensive than a conventional homeowner's policy, but having the correct coverage is the most important.

One last note on vacant homes.  A second home, or vacation home is usually not as expensive to insure as a vacant home.  Each insurance company has different definitions for vacant, unoccupied, vacation, and second homes, so talk to a reputable insurance agent to clarify all the details before purchasing a policy